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Citizenship and Political Activism Symposium

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What is CAPA?

Citizenship and Political Action Symposium

Recently, LWV of the North Country partnered with our BOCES technical school (CVTEC) to host Citizenship and Political Activism (CAPA) symposium for selected high school students . Each school in Clinton and Essex County was invited to send three students and one government teacher. By partnering we were able to hold the event at the CVTEC campus on a school day. All participating schools provided transportation.

The morning session included presentations and q&a with City Mayor, Colin Read; Town Supervisor,Michael Cashman; County Legislator, Mark Dame; the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner from the Board of Elections, Greg Campbell and Brandi Lloyd; as well as Ausable Valley School Board member, Sherry Snow. Information was given regarding functioning of each government body and how one can influence legislation/ decisions at each level. Students were also instructed on how to run a voter registration drive, and how to become a poll worker.

Afternoon session included presentations and panel discussion from Assemblyman Dan Stec, Assemblyman Billy Jones and State Senator Betty Little.

Lunch was provided by culinary students from CVTEC. Students were at round tables and one or more legislators sat at each table and interacted with the delegates.

Feedback was most positive. Students were charged with running a voter registration drive and/ or choosing a method to lobby a government official/ board.


Clinton County: CVTEC/ Plattsburgh High School student, Malyssa Shenko